All About Me…

Hi my name is Madison Fugere and I am so excited that you have made your way over to my website! If you are newly pregnant, nearing the end of your pregnancy, just gave birth or anywhere in between I am so glad you are here! Chances are, you are looking for a postpartum doula in hopes of seeing how it can help you and your family during this new and exciting transition. I am so excited you are considering me as the postpartum doula to take this journey with you. Whether this be your first, second, or seventh birth, adding a new child to your family is an exciting change that comes with lots of twists, turns & let’s be real…sleepless nights! That’s where I come in.

I have always loved children and adored being part of their growth and learning process. I started as a mother’s helper very young and by 8 years old I began babysitting. During this time, I found my love for newborns and was eager to learn more about them. While babysitting so much in High School, I decided to start up a network of sitters. I named my newly founded company, Kids Kare (think modern day Babysitters Club)! This was where I found my love for administration and management. And, what lead me to thinking about my long-term career goals.

When I was growing up I had always told myself that I wanted to be a teacher. You could have asked anyone, I was OBSESSED (to the point where I even turned my playroom into a classroom)! So, after finding my additional love for management through Kids Kare, I began thinking about running a daycare. It was a perfect blend of my two loves and I would tell anyone I could about my career plans. This was my new obsession.

I am the kind of person who sets my mind to something and makes it happen. So, needless to say, this daycare plan was HAPPENING. I graduated Andover High School, and attended Framingham State University (FSU). At FSU I majored in Child & Family Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was determined to plan ahead, to take online classes during the summer and winter, and set myself up with a plan to graduate in 3 years. *Enter Covid-19* and the newly added resources for remote learning. This difficult time in history actually gave me the opportunity to accelerate my educational training and I graduated from FSU in December of 2020. I completing my Bachelors of Science in just two and a half years.

Days after graduating I began working at a daycare in Andover, MA on a private High School campus. I was given the opportunity to work with infants and toddlers as well as the hours I needed to become certified as a lead teacher. After 6 short months I was recruited to a much larger center in Andover, MA where I was given the opportunity to grow even more. I loved my job as a lead infant teacher, but I was still missing that management part I enjoyed so much. In October 2021, I applied for and was offered the position of Program Manager. During this time I learned so much about the management process and thebehind the scenes of running a daycare.


Then one night, exhausted after an extra long week, it hit me. I never gave myself the opportunity to even THINK about another career. I reflected on a time I was babysitting for a family and the mother told me they had used a postpartum doula to care for their newborn during the evenings. THAT’S IT! That is what I wanted to do. I wanted the ability to manage a business, create my own schedule, work with newborns & directly impact people’s lives.


I eagerly researched the process of becoming a postpartum doula and what I needed to do in order to make this dream a reality. I went on to receive my training through DONA International as a postpartum doula. Through this program I was educated in many aspects of the postpartum process. I learned techniques and methods to support the birthing person, newborn and their families during this new and exciting transition.

I believe all of my experiences have led me to where I am today, doing what I know I was meant to do. And, I couldn’t be any more excited about the opportunity to impact the lives of more families as a postpartum doula.