Our Services

Education & Support

Not only am I a postpartum doula but I am also a certified Sleep Consultant and former daycare infant teacher and nanny. This means that I have worked with many children and families resulting in a plethora of education and knowledge that I love to share with my clients.


Getting out into the world after having a baby can be nerve racking the first few times. What to pack, how to get from point A to point B, when to go, etc. I am able to ease this anxiety by tagging along with you for an excursion. Offering ideas, input & support as needed to make you feel more comfortable getting back out into the world!

Newborn Care

Feedings, diapers, baths, naps and so much more. Newborns require constant attention, which can often cause new parents to forget about their own needs. During my time, your newborn’s care is my priority allowing you to put your needs first.

Breastfeeding Assistance

As a postpartum doula, I am trained to assist in breastfeeding successfully and comfortably. I offer a variety of feeding positions, tips for proper latch, information on pumping  & so much more!

Postpartum Support

The postpartum period can be lonely and full of questions and worries. I am here to help YOU during this transition by listening, talking & brainstorming through any and all concerns you may have.

Organization and Routine

Getting into a rhythm postpartum can be hard and having input and support to assist you in establishing this can be key. As a postpartum doula I am able to offer input and knowledge when it comes to getting a routine & schedule set up. I also provide support in getting your house organized so that things can move as smoothly as possible throughout your days and nights at home. This could be creating and replenishing diapering stations throughout the house to organize and finding a home for all the bottle & pump parts!


Below you will find information on the services I provide and the pricing that follows. Keep in mind that each shift is catered to the needs of the family.  Due to this, each visit often begins with a debrief conversation about how things have been going and if the family has any question or concerns. This is followed by setting up a rough plan for the day in order to meet the family’s goals for that day.

Daytime Care

The postpartum period can be so overwhelming and that’s where daytime support comes in. Daytime support is run in 4 hour shifts from 9am-7pm. These shifts are truly customizable and depending on the newborn, birthing person, and family each shift will look a little different. We are able to provide true support during these 4 hours in whatever capacity you are finding that you need (For examples on types of support provided please reference above).


Overnight Care

Sleep is such a precious thing and it can be hard to get true restful sleep when you have a newborn. By having overnight support you are getting a solid 8 hours from 10pm-6am where you are able to truly recharge! By getting a solid chunk of sleep you can feel more rested and refreshed in order to care for your newborn the following day and truly enjoy all the memories you are making.


Please note that I would like my services to be accessible to all. Therefore, if cost is a barrier to you, please ask me about my payment options. I also encourage all my clients to reach out to their health insurance providers to see if they offer compensation for postpartum services!

Thanks so much for signing up! You will be getting an email from me in within the next 24 hours with more information!